[ week 7 ]

This was a busy week with to much stress from work, my birthday, the visit of my dearest cousin, a 4 day-long weekend, carnival and Valentine’s day. 😀

Week Theme Challenge: I chose the “Birthday” theme. I was planning to shot cake candles with the number 32, but then didn’t find the opportunity to do that, and so this theme will remain open until all conditions are reunited.


Dogwood.Photography: This week was about telling a story with “Forgotten” as theme. Didn’t find the inspiration to cope with this one, I’ll have to think more about it.

Story: Forgotten – Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten.



The Daily Post: “Sweet“. This photo was taken in Lille, on a very cold January Saturday morning. There are a lot of pastisseries and chocolate shops there. Didn’t eat macarons, though, chosen a chocolate ecláir instead. 😀


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